Business Management Services

The program’s business management services strategies focus on training business leaders in management skills, nurturing development of business associations, and rapidly introducing international auditing and accounting standards and methods that are important for operating in the global business environment.

Implementation activities currently underway include:

Business Skills Training
Development and implementation of a management training skills program for the business community in Iraq.

Business Association Development
Creation and implementation of strategies and programs designed to enhance the development of selected business associations as well as the management skills of their leaders and members.

Small Business Developments Centers
Establishment of regional Small Business Development Centers to better prepare Iraqis to start-up their own businesses, building on the experience of existing business associations and business centers, particularly those having excellent links with microfinance institutions and local banks.

Accounting and Auditing Certification and Licensing
Elevation of the quality of the accounting and auditing professions by re-engineering professional certification and licensing systems and competency evaluation examinations to meet world class standards and be compliant with World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Federation of Accountant requirements.

University Accounting and Auditing Programs
Development of programs and assistance to improve physical resources, upgrade knowledge base, facilitate transfer of up-to-date accounting and auditing procedures, and modernize teaching skills at the university level.


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